The difference is pretty obvious and can be differentiated just by looking at the grill types. Griddles have a unique smooth, flat surface and compared to a grill which has distinctive raised ridges or bars with openings in between allowing food to cook directly over a heat source. Both griddles and grillers can use a heat source supplied from either gas, charcoal or electricity.

Griddles are perfect for transferring heat from the entire metal surface to the food, cooking and browning your food evenly. The heat source supplied or flames will never touch the food. On the other hand, grilling uses far higher temperatures than griddle cooking. The fire transfers the heat directly through the metal of the grill grate. The metal absorbs and intensifies the heat, browning or burning at the point of contact. These are the grill marks we so love to see on our hot dogs and steaks.

Imaging making pancakes for a second, if you can pour it onto the surface and make round flat pancakes, it’s a griddle. If you see bars with openings in between or a metal plate with raised ridges, it’s a grill. Happy Grilling!!

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