Cooking which involves submerging food in deep oils or fats at high temperatures is what is known as deep frying. There are a number of reasons why someone would want to use this method of cooking. First and foremost, it seals in the taste and tenderness of the food to help it maintain its flavour and moisture. Also, you can cook food quickly in a deep fryer. Restaurants really enjoy using deep fryers because their customers love the taste of the food but more importantly, they can churn out dishes quickly. Let’s have a look at some advantages deep frying can bring you and why every household should have a deep fryer.

Speed of Cooking

Indeed, probably the most important advantage of them all. You can cook food much faster with deep-frying than you can with other methods. The basic laws of thermodynamics state that heat transfer between a hot liquid and solid food occurs much quicker than it does from heated air to solid food. The larger and more dense the food you are cooking, the more you will see this effect realised. Let’s look at a whole chicken for instance, this should take roughly 2 hours to prepare in the oven. In a deep fryer, you can cut your cooking time down to an hour or less and not forgetting the saving on electricity usage. So the time difference it takes to cook something in a deep fryer versus convention methods is indeed significant and cost-effective.

Improved Taste of Food

Food that is cooked in a deep fryer always tastes better than food cooked on a stove or in an oven. This is because the surrounding fats or oils do a better job of sealing in the flavour during deep fry cooking. During the cooking process, the oils and fats often add a delicious flavour themselves to the food.

More Tenderness of Food

This I think is the primary reason why people love to deep fry their foods. Overcooked food in the oven tends to dry out and eating food that is dry and overcooked is most certainly unpleasant and a little embarrassing. When deep frying this is not bound to happen. If you happen to cook food in a deep fryer longer than necessary, it will still retain its moisture. You can be rest assured to have a tender meal when it is cooked in the deep fryer.

Makes Great Appetizers and Desserts

Deep frying is ideal for making a variety of foods in a style that is most appealing. When you go out to a restaurant and order an appetizer, you know what I’m talking about. Appetizers are what I usually look forward to the most when eating out. At home, you can cook a variety of foods and tasty treats with deep frying that you can’t with other methods. Let’s look at some of the foods which are ideal for deep frying:

  • Friend fries
  • Onion rings
  • Cheese fritters
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Fried fish sticks
  • Fried chicken tenders or cutlets
  • Doughnuts

These are some advantages for using a deep fryer to do your cooking. If you want to cook food quicker that is more tender and has more flavour, than you should break out the old deep fryer or invest in a new one. Once you experience foods cooked in the deep fryer, it’s hard to go back to the other conventional ways of cooking.

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