Bars are dynamic spaces and require thoughtful and considerate layout planning and design. Ensuring that the area is functional and convenient for your serving staff is one of the most critical aspects.

Get input from your staff or, if you haven’t hired yet, an experienced bartender. That way, you can find out what arrangement will help you to work efficiently. Wasted movements all add up over a shift, and a poor layout can quickly tire out your people and affect your bottom line.

It will help if you have approximately a meter of space behind the bar counter to ensure that everyone can zip past each other with ease. That way, no one falls over each other while serving customers, cleaning glasses, restocking fridges and cleaning up spills.

Your beverage fridge is your most important piece of equipment. At Caterwize, you can choose between sliding or swing door fridges for the back bar. Swing door fridge doors will swing closed after use but can block behind the bar traffic. Sliding doors will help you keep the space clear but will have to be closed every time.

If you don’t have much vertical space, you may consider under counter fridges. Undercounter fridges have all the features of upright features in a much smaller profile. You also save on floor space, making it an ideal solution for a small restaurant or secondary bar.