If you are on the lookout to service your customers faster and with more consistency, adding an Aloma contact grill to your equipment lineup might be the answer. Restaurant owners who adopted contact grills in their kitchens report that they could cook a more consistent product with higher throughput and save energy.

It seems incredible, but it’s just practical – by cooking both sides of an item, you cut cooking time in half and double your capacity.

Aloma contact grills are named for the way they operate; they transfer heat by direct contact with the food. The grill contains two heated cooking surfaces.  One that the food is placed on, and another lowered to cover the top of the food item.

Our Aloma contact grills have built-in grooves to give the braai grill look to sandwiches, chicken, and steaks. The grooves also channel away excess fat.

At Caterwize supply two versions of contact grills, a single and a double, for light to medium duty applications. These grills easily fit onto a countertop without complicated installation requirements.

Whether you run a food truck, small restaurant or catering business.  These contact grills will enable you to offer a classy casual dining experience. Order it online or give us a call to discuss your requirements.