Almost every small business is affected by difficult economic times currently experienced globally. If you run a convenience store, gym, spaza shop, internet cafe, or fast food outlet, your business may be one of them. Selling chilled beverages such as slushies during the summer months can boost your income and provide a little reprieve.

Sales of slushies increase dramatically during the summer months. It doesn’t only refresh your customers but also boosts the perception of your store. Most people think that chilled beverages are fresher than drinks cooled in a refrigerator or served at ambient temperatures.

A 2010 study by a New Zealand endurance athlete and exercise researcher showed the following.  That drinking a slushie before a strenuous workout provides cheaper, faster and effective cooling, and increases endurance. Astoundingly, athletes in the study who drank a slushie instead of just cold water reached the heart rate of 185.  When most would succumb to exhaustion, 120 minutes later than others. You too can confer the refreshing benefits of iced smoothies on your customers, whether they are athletes or not, with our range of slushie machines.

We supply a wide range of businesses with slushie machines, from health food specialists, corner stores to nightclubs. Use our slushy machines to mix flavoured slurpees or frozen alcoholic beverages such as margaritas.

Whether you are interested in serving frozen smoothies, coffee or even cocktails, give us a call for advice on the best slushie machine that will make super smooth iced drinks.