When it comes to meat slicers, the question is not whether or not a professional kitchen or deli should have one.  It is a really an important part of catering equipment and there are a number of factors to consider.

How to choose the best meat slicer for your company’s needs is the real issue at hand.  

Before making any decisions, you’ll need to figure out how much are you going to cut and for what purpose are you going to use this tool.  

Meat slicers are classified mainly into three groups, namely light, standard and heavy-duty models: 

  • Coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries will use a slicer for approximately one hour a day to cut deli meats and vegetables. 
  • Restaurants, small delis, and cafeterias will benefit from standard duty models for 1 to 4 hours daily.  
  • Large delis, grocery and sandwich shops use heavy duty meat slicers to perform continuous slicing. 

 Consider these factors after you’ve established the answers to the previous questions: 

Blade sizes

Blade size ranges from 20 to 38 cm for the heavy-duty models. The larger the blade, the faster and easier it is to cut. Larger blades are more equipped to slice products such as cheese, frozen meat and vegetables. 

Electric or manual meat slicer 

An electric meat slicer is the best choice for big supermarkets and delis.  It has the ability to move the product tray back and forth without any assistance.  

Ease of cleaning 

There is a large possibility of cross-contamination when the same slicer is used to cut cooked meat, raw meat and other products. Removable parts, large gaps in-between components, and the absence of small cracks that trap bacteria are all features that can help to clean your slicer properly. 


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