A food display warmer are nowadays becoming a very popular piece of equipment.  For store owners or small vendors selling pies, hotdogs or even the very popular samoosas. These quick meals are a great filler for truck drivers and or holidaymakers needing a quick bite to eat while travelling.

Benefits of a Food Display Warmer


A food display warmer is an appliance that is used to keep food warm after it has been cooked.  It makes it very convenient for shop owners to display the food without having to microwave before serving. This allows for a quicker sale and is far more convenient for the consumer especially for a grab and go.

As a shop owner, preparing for the unexpected sale of a bus or truck stop allows for the opportunity of a major sale of warm food items. The display warmers will keep the freshness of the morning bake far into the evening.  A shop owner will have an easy time knowing that all the food that is stored in the food warmer will last until ready to be sold.A food warmer can keep food warm for up to 8 hours. It is important to follow food safety standards, to ensure the food is not taken in and out of the warmer, as this poses a threat for contamination. 

Food warmers are equipped with serving trays for easy display and or storing. The warmers have built in thermostats that regulate the perfect temperature and are also very easy to access to display your food of choice. They are also very simple to clean thus making this appliance an extremely handy piece of equipment to have in store.

There are different kinds of food display warmers. Ranging from pie display warmers which are relatively small, perfect for a convenience shop. Other options are your bigger stainless steel options with are a bit bigger, allowing for a larger variety of food.

Typically most of us associate food display warmers with pies and pastries.  Other popular food items include pizzas, toasted sandwiches and jaffels. If you feel your food will last on a tray at a warm temperature, then give it a go in a food warmer.  The temperature can be easily controlled to suite the type of food you wish to keep warm and ready to serve.

Glass doors are present in all display warmers – hence the name – display warmers. Easy and convenient for customers to pick and choose what they want.  Some open from the front, and others from the back, so as the owner you can determine if you want your customers to use self service, or have someone attend to their order.

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