Our Top 5 Advantages of having a Gas stove.

Better Heat Control

Gas burners provide for instant changes in heat while cooking because a flame will not require any time to warm up or cool down compared to electric stoves. Chefs, be it a beginner or a professional chef prefer gas burners when they need rapid changes in heat for certain recipes and don’t want to use multiple burners on various settings.


The metal grates found on gas stove tops are by far more robust than the electric range smooth tops. The more modern electric stove tops are made of glass or ceramic and therefore the surfaces require careful attention to avoid scratching and or cracking. The gas metal grates will withstand heavy or rough textured cookware, for example a skillet without any problems.

Cost Effective

We are all aware of the costs of electricity in South Africa, need we say more? Cooking with gas is far more cost effective than cooking with electricity, not forgetting that when the power goes down, you are still be able to cook for the family.

Cookware Friendly

Impress your guests, cook with a wok! Cooking with round bottoms require gas burners. The flames from the gas burners heat the pot more evenly making them perfect for everyday cooking.

Emergency Ready

When the power goes out at home, with gas you are still able to provide a meal for your family. The gas burners only require a match or a lighter to ignite the gas burners. This makes it a great investment for homes who experience a higher than normal power outages

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