Choosing the right deck oven for your bakery can be tricky, especially with so many models on the market. There are many different styles and functionalities available, some of which might not be necessary for your bakery but some features might be vital. A deck oven will help you to improve the overall efficiency of baking your goods, but you will need to consider each aspect carefully. 

When you are choosing a deck oven you will need to consider what is the best fit for your needs. A small model could be ideal for an artisanal bakery which only bakes a few items a day, while a larger model is ideal for a large-scale or even commercial bakery. Not sure where to start? Below we give some helpful advice on what to look for in a deck oven. 


Start With Size


One of the most important considerations for your deck oven is the size. The size can depend on the type of power the  oven uses, as often an electric deck oven is not as deep or as tall as a gas deck oven. If you need to bake a large volume of items, then a gas oven is an ideal solution for your needs. 

Another aspect of the size that you must consider is the number of drawers that you need. A single drawer deck oven might be perfect for a small bakery that does not produce goods on a large scale. However, if you are interested in branching out and expanding your bakery, an oven with three to five drawers is a better choice. 


Pick Your Power Method


Once you have thought about the size that you will need, you should move on to choosing the way in which you will be powering your deck oven. You can choose between a gas or electric option, but be sure to think about the differences between each. Gas models might be a good economical choice, but there is a limitation to changing the temperature for each deck. 

If you will be baking multiple different products then an electric oven is the best choice. You are able to set different temperatures for each deck to achieve the perfect bake for each one. Gas deck ovens are more affordable if you have a small budget but be sure that you can use gas on your premises if you are renting your building. 


Is It Easy To Use?


A deck oven can be highly helpful to any bakery but an important consideration is whether or not it is easy to use for your staff. An electric deck oven might be easier to use because the drawers are not as deep, but if it is too tall then shorter members of your staff will not be able to load and unload it. 

A gas deck oven will usually need to be loaded by a loader, but this can also help to speed up your baking operation if you have a lot of product to send out. For a fast-paced bakery, it is important to have easy to use catering and restaurant equipment, as this can help to improve your product creation and delivery times. 


All About Assembly


An electric oven is usually delivered fully assembled which means that it can be operational within one day. A gas oven will need to be installed but this can be done by a gas installation company. If you choose an electric deck oven, you will only need to have electric power, whereas, for a gas option, you will need gas, electricity, and water which could become costly to maintain. 

You will also need a vent for a gas oven, which can be expensive to install if you do not already have one in your bakery kitchen. A fully assembled unit will help immensely in maintaining your operation as there will be no down-time while it is being installed. You will also save money on not needing to pay for any extra assembly or installation. 


Rise To Success


Having the right tools in your bakery, such as a deck oven, can help you to build your business and become successful. Choose the right deck oven by looking at the size that will best suit your needs then move on to looking at the power method and ease-of-use. If you would like the deck oven to be delivered already assembled, an electric model is the best choice. 

If you would like to see your bakery rise to new heights of success, speak to Caterwize today to find out what we can do for you.