Like with any other business, owning the right equipment is important for a butcher. It makes the difference between growing your customer base due to positive word of mouth referrals and losing money. When buying equipment, you may consider whether to buy new or invest in second-hand equipment.

When you consider the old, wise saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice”, you are most probably better off buying new. We made a list of essential equipment that will help a butchery to service their clients reliably:

● A stainless steel meat mincer that is easy to clean
● A sausage machine that is big enough to ensure you can produce sufficient stock, but that don’t take up too much space
● A butcher’s bandsaw to cut meat on the bone for cutting fresh and frozen meat, as well as fresh and frozen fish.
● A meat slicer that can handle a variety of meats and operate several hours per day.

Remember that hygiene should be a top consideration when handling raw meat, so always choose equipment that is easy to clean.

CaterWize supplies a variety of meat processing machines that are designed to ensure hygiene, safety and efficiency. If you are in doubt as to what machines you need for your process, please give us a call.