Catering for an office function can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if the company is more corporate. You will need to be sure that all of your catering equipment works correctly and can be used at any venue, and you will need to be sure that your menu is suited to the event. If you are new to the catering world, choosing the right equipment can be difficult. 

When you are looking at catering equipment for an office function or event, you will need to be sure that the equipment can be plugged into the available outlets and that you have brought along equipment for both food and drinks. Equipment such as urns, chafing dishes, and bain maries are ideal for office functions. Below we look at the catering equipment you will need for an office function or event. 


Bountiful Buffet Equipment


Many office functions include large groups of people, which makes a buffet style of catering easier and more effective. For this, you will need catering equipment such as chafing dishes and bain maries, which are used to keep hot food warm and fresh for when it is needed. This buffet catering equipment can easily be moved from one venue to another, so if there are any changes to the venue, there will be minimal stress. 


Coffee And Drinks Equipment


An office function without a coffee station is like a day without sunshine: pointless and unenjoyable. You will need to invest in catering equipment such as urns, which allow large groups of people to make their own hot drinks. Urns are highly efficient for office functions, especially if the functions will be taking place during cold months, when people need hot drinks to keep them going. The urns should be monitored by serving staff to ensure that nobody spills the hot water onto themselves or other equipment. 


Electric Grillers


If the event will be taking place in a venue with a kitchen or a room for you to cook in, you could look into catering equipment such as electric grillers for your staff to cook on. These can be helpful for creating hot, fresh dishes for a seated meal, or for cooking certain foods on demand. If the office function is hosted during brunch or breakfast, being able to serve freshly grilled sausages and tomatoes will surprise and delight the event attendees, helping to improve your reputation as well. 


Novelty Machines


While some office functions might be on the more corporate side, there are some who enjoy adding a touch of fun to their events. You can provide this for them by using catering equipment such as pancake bakers, waffle makers, and even popcorn machines. All of this equipment is simple to set up and use, and is likely to be popular with those who enjoy letting off steam after a long conference or event. These novelty machines can also be used for office functions with a specific theme, such as having popcorn and pancakes for a carnival themed end-of-year party. 


Eating And Serving Equipment


Other than having equipment to cook food and keep it warm with, you will need equipment to serve and eat the food with. This will include crockery, cutlery, drinking glasses and mugs, napkins, paper straws, and so on. You will only need this equipment if the venue does not already have it, or if it is being hosted in the office itself, which will likely not have enough crockery and cutlery for every guest to use. 




Catering for an office function does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. Be sure to use the right catering equipment, especially if it is for a buffet-style event, and always include coffee and drinks equipment to keep attendees hydrated. Electric grillers and novelty machines can also help to make for a fun and successful event. 

If you have an office function coming up and need to make it a success, speak to CaterWize today to find out how we can help you.