Catering for an event comes with the stress of figuring out what food to serve that will surprise and delight the attendees. If you are given a menu idea from your client, this can help immensely, but if you have to create one on your own, you might find yourself stuck for ideas. Baked foods are an ideal solution, and can provide a touch of elegance and charm to any event. 

You should invest in a cake mixer or dough mixer to create delicious baked goods for your next event. You could create delicate cupcakes with different flavoured icings, rustic breads to eat with savoury dips, or even fancy macarons for a touch of class. Below we give some delectable ideas for baked goods you can serve at events. 


Miniature Cakes


Having a cake mixer at hand can be extremely useful for any event, and you can use it to create magnificent miniature cakes. Miniature cakes are popular because they provide a bite-sized version of a larger cake, and are easier to eat while moving around and socialising at an event. You can use flavours such as lavender and lemon for something unique, or stick to traditional flavours such as decadent chocolate. If you need to make a large batch of miniature cakes, use a larger cake mixer for optimal results. 


Home-Made Crostini


Crostini are an Italian appetizer consisting of small slices of grilled or toasted bread and toppings. You can make your own home-made bread with a dough mixer and create a flavourful loaf of bread, then top the slices with tasty toppings. A popular crostini flavour is fresh tomato, basil, and mozzarella, but you can think out of the box and try something like a mango and red onion relish combined with parma ham. Be creative with these mouthwatering morsels and the guests will be clamouring for more. 


Cute Cake Pops


Cake mixers are versatile, and you can bake stunning creations with the right recipe and catering equipment. Cake pops are wildly popular, both at corporate events and more relaxed events. As with miniature cakes, cake pops are easy to eat while moving around and can be consumed in one or two mouthfuls. You can play with flavours and fillings, being sure to take all food sensitivities into account and any allergies. Cake pops can be decorated according to the colours of the company the event is for, or in brand colours or according to the client’s specifications. 


Pies And Pastries


Pies and pastries are popular at events as they provide a wholesome meal but are not as filling as a full plate of food. Using a dough mixer, you can make your own buttery, flaky pastry for the pies and fill them with both savoury and sweet fillings. If you will be serving canapes or if the event is more of a cocktail affair, you can make miniature pies and pastries that offer bite-sized treats to attendees. Popular fillings include spinach and feta, sweetcorn and cheese, and even sundried tomato and basil pesto for a delicious Meditteranean twist. 




Homemade rolls for hamburgers will add an extra element of fun to the event, and you can offer fun and exciting fillings too. Dough mixers are ideal for creating the perfect light, fluffy dough, and you could be extra creative and offer brioche buns for the burger fillings. Some fillings could include vegetarian patties, tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and so forth. Building your own burgers can be a fun activity after a lengthy meeting. 


Bake Your Best


Baked goods can be a fun addition to any event. Cake mixers and dough mixers are the ideal catering equipment to have for creating delectable baked goods. You can offer miniature cakes and cake pops for desserts or create delicious savoury bakes such as crostini, pies, and even home-made hamburger rolls.

If you would like to tap into the benefits of offering baked goods at your next event, speak to CaterWize today to find out that catering equipment we can offer you.