Recent years have seen the rise in popularity of unique food markets in major cities such as Cape Town and Durban. These markets have a diverse array of food stalls available, all of which can make a significant amount of money for those running the stalls. If you would like to tap into this industry, we have some catering equipment tips for you.

A food stall needs quality catering equipment in order to provide quality food to customers. Food stalls are usually outside at markets, but there are some markets which are indoors and provide access to electricity. Depending on which markets you will have a stall at, you might need to invest in outdoor catering equipment, too. Below we discuss some top tips for starting your own food stall business. 

Catering Equipment Tips


Decide On A Menu


The first step you will need to take is to think about the type of food you will be serving. If you enjoy making uniquely delicious curries, then it might be a good idea to translate this into takeaway options. With so many hamburger, coffee, and health-food stalls on the market, it is important that your food stands out from the crowd. 

The type of food you serve should relate to the audience you are going to be serving. If you are setting up your food stall at a local farmer’s market, your menu and food should be more artisanal and of a higher quality. For a music festival or similar event, the food should be ready fast and should provide enough energy for the entire festival, such as deep-fried anything.  


Consider The Location


After you have decided on your menu, you will need to think about the location of your food stall. This is important as it could have a direct effect on the type of catering equipment you purchase. For example, if your food stall is going to be hosted at an outdoor market, you might be better off using gas catering equipment over electrical equipment. 

The location of your food stall is important. Choosing a market or location with a lot of foot traffic will help you to sell more of your products, helping you to bring about more awareness too. If you are just starting out, choose a medium-sized market or an area that is relatively busy throughout the day. This way you can test out how well your food sells before you make any final decisions about your menu and equipment. 


Think About Equipment


A vital component of any successful food business is the kitchen or catering equipment that you use. For example, if you are going to be selling gourmet popcorn, you need to have the best popcorn maker on the market to provide quality products. Gas grillers and gas boilers will be the best choice for outdoor stalls, while indoor stalls can easily make use of electric equipment. 

Your equipment should be easy to move, install, and use, especially if you are going to be at a market for several hours. If your food is cooked and needs to stay fresh and hot to maintain its flavours, investing in a chafing dish or two is a perfect solution. If you are providing a bank with a business plan for a loan for your food stall, then you will need to include a list of equipment needed to start your business. 


Bring On The Branding


An important part of any successful food stall business is to brand your food stall to stand out from the crowd. You could do this by using vinyl stickers on your catering equipment, such as a logo on your popcorn machine or ice cream maker, or you could have customised packaging stickers made for your takeaway containers. 

Having creative branding will help to make you memorable and bring about return customers. Your menu and your branding should relate to one another, and it should also take the location and audience into account. If you are interested in starting your own food stall business, contact Caterwize to find out what catering equipment tips we can offer you.