A meat mincer is an important piece of catering equipment for the modern kitchen. It can be used to make your own sausages, hamburger patties, and other exciting products. For an artisanal catering company, an in-house meat mincer can be highly helpful for creating your own products, helping to put you head and shoulders above the competition. 

When you are choosing a meat mincer there are several aspects to consider. The power source is important, as a manual meat mincer can be difficult to use for some. You will also need to consider how often you will be using it. Regular use might mean that you need a heavy-duty machine to meet your needs. Confusing? Below we discuss what you should look for when choosing a meat mincer for your catering or restaurant business. 


Pick A Power Source


An important consideration for your meat mincer is the power source. You can choose between manual and electric, depending on your preferences. Electric meat mincers are powered by electricity and are popular in many catering businesses due to being quick and easy to use. They are also ideal for making large orders of ground meat. 

Manual meat mincers are preferred by artisanal eateries because they offer more control over the end product, especially in terms of mince and sausages. However, they take longer to operate and this might cause your production to slow down due to having to manually operate the meat mincer. 


What Is The Intended Use?


Once you have chosen a power source, you will need to think about how often and what you intend to use your meat mincer for. For example, if you are going to be making one hundred hamburgers for a catering event, then a medium-sized electric mincer is arguably your best option. 

For those who offer mince, sausage, or hamburger dishes as regular parts of their menus, then a larger and more heavy-duty mincer is the right choice. If you are going to be using it on a daily basis, you may even need to purchase two mincers to keep up with the demand and frequency of use. 


Very Versatile


A meat mincer can be used for more than simply making mince. There are some that offer attachments for making sausages and others with attachments that allow you to make a smoother, finer mince. Others still offer blades for grinding vegetables for salsas and sauces. You will need to consider how versatile you need to be when it comes to creating your meat products. 

Having a versatile machine can be highly beneficial for any catering or restaurant business. You will be able to create your own unique meat products for clients and offer these as perks of your services. If you are running a smaller operation and only need to make a limited amount of products, then a simpler meat mincer is ideal. 


Size Matters


The size of your meat mincer is also important in terms of it fitting easily and effectively into your kitchen. One that is too large or cumbersome might cause problems when you need to use it, especially if it needs to be moved into position. A smaller one, however, might not be able to handle as much use or meat quantity as you need. 

Some meat mincers are made to fit into kitchen cabinets when not in use but still provide the same level of quality as larger, more commercial ones. Look at your kitchen counter space and overall size before making a final decision on what meat mincer you choose. If you are interested in making use of a premium meat mincer, speak to Caterwize today to find out what we can offer you.