Starting any small business is an exciting but challenging venture. What’s even more challenging is starting a small sausage business. Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of sausages in South Africa, with boerewors national braai staple and all. The secret is to make sausages that are different.  Each with their own compelling story behind it to make them more interesting.

Artisanal sausage business makers can take advantage of the surge in popularity of more natural food. You have to surpass the mass-produced norm by creating sausages with fine, fresh ingredients and putting your artisanal heart and soul into them. 

We sell sausage fillers that make the whole process easy and allow you to make sausages in bulk, without taking a conveyor belt approach. After all, it’s the human element that is at the heart of artisanal quality in a small food business. 

Many people who want to start a food business may think about opening a restaurant. That is one of the riskiest ways to go about it. You can start a small and rewarding sausage business without any staff, and from your home. A basic bundle consisting of a meat mincer and sausage filler is very accessible at less than R10 000 from Catewize, and that’s almost your complete equipment cost.