If you are in the restaurant, take away or catering industry, there are certain requirements one needs to uphold in order to run your outlet efficiently. Commercial catering equipment in Cape Town is available to you to purchase online or visit in-store – deciding what equipment you need is the not so easy part. 


Commercial Catering Equipment 


When setting up your establishment it is imperative that you use equipment that is made for a commercial kitchen. By having the correct equipment, you will save time and money in the long run.  If your biggest seller is a mouth-watering steak grilled to perfection, you need to ensure you are able to grill enough steaks at the right request of the customer, without causing delays.   Something as simple as having the right griller in your kitchen can directly affect your profit margins.  Having the wrong piece of catering equipment can cause problems such as breaching safety requirements. 


Use of Space 


Most items for a commercial kitchen vary in size.  Most ovens, grillers, and deep fryers come in a table or standing models.  Commercial catering equipment offers more practical solutions given the space available in your outlet.  If you are a food truck or a smaller business, you may not have the kitchen space available to have big machines pumping out batches of deep-fried chips.  However, you can more than likely fit a double electric fryer comfortably on an open countertop. 


Factors to Consider 


Besides determining which equipment will work best for you, you also need to consider the following factors: 


  1. Energy Efficiency – Reduce your carbon footprint and choose catering equipment that is energy efficient 
  2. Maintenance – How easily can your equipment be maintained? What is the lifetime of the equipment? 
  3. Quality – What kind of standard do you want to uphold when serving your clients?  Some machines are better than others – you need to figure out what will work for you 
  4. Costs – Everything comes at a cost, however down the line making the right choice, in the beginning, will save you additional costs further into the future. 
  5. Space & Storage – Get equipment that uses space efficiently, but remember to keep storage and display options in mind.