For those individuals who eat meat, beef is often the go-to. A marvellously grilled rib-eye or mouth-watering tenderloin, also known as a filet, is any beef lover’s dream. While it may be difficult to pinpoint the best cut considering personal preference, it can certainly be narrowed down. When determining the best beef cut that might work for you, there are certain key points to keep in mind. 

Grading System

Firstly, beef has a grading system: prime, choice, and select. These grades indicate the quality of the beef in terms of age, what the cow consumed, and the marbling of the cut. Marbling, the fine flecks of evenly distributed white fat, is a true indicator of the beef cut’s taste and texture. Prime beef has the most abundant amount of marbling, while choice beef ranks slightly lower on the scale. Select cuts tend to be lean. 

Thickness Of Meat

Secondly, and of vital importance, is the thickness of your beef cut which can be delicately portioned with a good meat slicer. Grilling and slicing a steak are about balance. A seared, crisp outer layer and juicy, pink centre can be easier to achieve if your beef cut is slightly thicker.  Achieving the best beef cut is easy with the right equipment.

Three beef cuts in the top tier of the beefy selection

Rib-eye: A large, round cut with exquisite marbling throughout. Tender and juicy, the rib-eye is sold boneless or bone-in. 

Strip steak: A rectangular cut with a deep, rich flavour, and is usually boneless. Although less marbled than the rib-eye, the strip steak is a popular, tender favourite. 

Tenderloin/Filet: With a longer cut, the tenderloin has far less marbling than the rib-eye and the strip steak, but as its name suggests it makes up for this in tenderness.  

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