If you are operating a butchery or a deli, you will appreciate the need for a meat slicer.  One that can hold soft meat well while ensuring uniformly thick cuts. In smaller or speciality butcheries, meat slicers must be able to operate on demand.  This allows work to be done close to the customer and cut different types of food efficiently.

These are all considerations we took into account when we decided which meat slicers to stock for our small business clients.

Our lineup includes two electric gravity meat slicers that fulfil the need of portioning food on the counter or back of the house. These slicers can handle an array of meats, vegetables and cheeses, making them suitable for butcheries, restaurants, delis and caterers.

At 0.32 kW these slicers can withstand the frequent usage of a deli or retail butchery without overheating the motors. The edge of the blade on each of these machines are protected for easy and safe cleaning.  As well as to avoid possible injuries when cutting.

The biggest advantage of gravity meat slicers is that the sloping blade allows the product to slide towards the blade without manual input, making them much more comfortable and ergonomic to use, especially for bulk cutting jobs.

Our meat slicers are just some of the equipment items that are selected among many.  To make the lives of food service operators easier. Feel free to browse our catalogue for our extensive range of catering equipment, which you can buy online.