At a catering event, you can never have too much food, which is why offering deep fried food is such a great option. Now, you might be thinking that deep fried food is not elegant or chic, but with the right additions to the dish, you can truly make it shine. It can be tricky to know exactly what to add if you have not offered deep fried food before, but with some simple advice, you can create dishes that surprise and delight your event attendees. You should invest in a deep fryer for your next catering event.

Not only is it a quick and efficient method for cooking food, you can deep fry anything and create delicious flavours in an instant. Think of dishes like deep fried prawns on a delicate blini, topped with wasabi mayonnaise and caviar or crisp, miniature doughnuts filled with a rich crème pâtissière. 

If your interest has been piqued, below we give some tantalising deep fried food options for a fun catering event. 


Deep Fried Shrimp


Shrimp is a staple option for canapes for catering events, but you can truly elevate the dish by using a deep fryer and coating the shrimp in panko bread crumbs. You can add some Asian spices to the mix for a truly unique eating experience. Shrimps are also the perfect bite-sized treat, and can be paired with dipping sauces and even a small salad. Be sure to use a different deep fryer for the shrimp and any other dishes in case some even attendees are allergic to shellfish and seafood. 


Tantalising Miniature Tacos


Spicy Mexican food is a hit at many events and conferences, and you can tap into this by providing miniature tacos with a deep fried filling or by deep frying an entire mini taco, filling and all. You can offer vegetarian and meat fillings or allow guests to create their own mini tacos with a variety of offerings. To offset the richness of the deep fryer, offer fresh and zingy salads and a squeeze of lime for added freshness. The taco shells can be kept crispy and crunchy by deep frying them before adding filling, too. 


Decadent Deep-Fried Cookies


You might think that deep fryers are only for savoury dishes, but you can use them to create scrumptious deep-fried desserts, too. Take, for example, the humble Oreo cookie. On its own, it is tasty enough, but if you dip it into a sweet batter and deep-fry it, you will have created a delicious, gooey, rich treat for event attendees to enjoy. You could try this with almost any type of cookie, such as chocolate chip or even an oatmeal and raisin cookie. Be sure to keep the batter light and airy, rather than dense and stodgy. 


Fabulous Fish And Chips


You cannot have a deep fryer and not make fish and chips, especially if your catering event is in a province like Cape Town, where fish and chips is an establishment. However, fish and chips might not be as elegant as your attendees prefer in its original form. You can spice it up by providing bite-sized pieces of fish with tiny potato croutons, topped with homemade tartar sauce, or you could use a unique type of fish, such as yellowfin tuna for the fish and even sweet potato for the chips. 


Samosas And Chilli Bites


Indian food is a firm favourite at many catering events, and a deep fryer is the ultimate tool for making the perfect samosas and chilli bites. You can look for frozen options that simply need to be defrosted and deep fried or you could make them by hand following a recipe and create your own fillings. Offer your guests a cooling dipping sauce such as a cucumber raita or a tomato salsa with mint and coriander. 


Crispy Fried Chicken


Deep-fried chicken is a comfort food of note, and it is also a highly popular option at many events. You can offer a portable version of this dish by choosing to deep fry wings and drumsticks, or you could offer a plated option of thighs and centre breasts. For more flavour and a touch of elegance, include some spices in the batter such as mixed herbs, cayenne pepper, or even curry spices. Include a dipping sauce such as a mayonnaise or something unique such as a sweet-and-sour plum sauce. 


Deep-Fried Deliciousness


A deep fryer can be an extremely useful piece of catering equipment for your catering event, especially when it comes to providing delicious food to attendees. You can try out a diverse variety of dishes, ranging from seafood to chicken to dessert. Provide sauces and sides to complement these deep-fried dishes as the batter can be a bit rich for some people. 

If you would like to reap the benefits of a deep fryer, be sure to contact Caterwize today to find out what we can offer you.