Catering businesses rely on either gas or electricity to power their grillers, which is often a hotly debated topic in the industry. Some prefer electric grillers because they are easier to install into kitchens, while others prefer to use gas grillers due to their speed and improved temperature control. A gas griller is also popular because it can be used when the power is out. 

If you are considering a gas griller there are several benefits to note. You will have more speed for cooking food, and it is a mobile option for outdoor catering. For those who are not entirely sure that a gas griller is the right fit for their catering business, below are just some of the benefits of using a gas griller for your catering business. 


Faster Heating Time


Electric grillers might be easier to install but they are known for taking a longer time to heat up before you can cook on them. This might mean that you are waiting for a long time before you can put food onto the grill, which can be an issue at a fast-paced event. Gas grillers are much faster to heat up and can maintain even heat for longer. 

Having a piece of catering equipment that heats up instantly is extremely beneficial for those who are working at events where food needs to be ready as quickly as possible. Gas grillers are ideal for outdoor events as well, where you do not have access to electricity. You can cook up perfect meals in no time with a gas griller. 


All About Affordability


One of the major benefits of using a gas griller is that it is highly affordable. You are only using the gas griller when you really need it, and it is not plugged in otherwise. This is highly affordable and will help you to save money and have a more profitable operation. As a catering business, saving money on electricity is always an advantage. 

Because gas grillers are also portable pieces of catering equipment you will not need to spend money on sourcing electronic equipment for it to be able to work on the day of the event. You can simply arrive with your gas canister, gas griller, and delicious food. Affordable catering equipment allows you to spend more time on marketing your business and improving your menu offerings. 


Easy And Eco-Friendly


Using a gas griller will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint as you will be using a significantly lower amount of energy than an electric griller. Gas also burns cleanly when the equipment is maintained, and will not produce smoke or soot, making it a cleaner option for those interested in helping the environment. 

A gas griller is easy to use and can provide you with evenly cooked food and instant heat. Gas grillers are also ideal for outdoor events, allowing you to offer more versatility to clients. If you would like to reap the benefits of a gas griller for your catering business, contact Caterwize today to find out what we can offer you.