As we move to a post-pandemic era at breakneck speed, we can look forward to outdoor events to lift the spirits of South Africans that were cooped up for months. Sharing meals and socializing outdoors bring smiles to most people’s faces as it tinkles our sense of nostalgia – the wafting smells of food that is cooking, the soft grass, water lapping against our legs. Plus, there is nothing that strengthens community bonds like sharing a meal does.

Our role at Caterwize is to enable families and communities to break bread together by supplying high impact cooking assets. Many people already realize the benefit of using gas-powered cooking equipment for outdoor events. A multi-burner boiling table can open new frontiers in your outdoor catering.  Allowing for various dishes that are usually difficult to cook in a setup with limited amenities.

Our product catalogue’s boiling tables are simple and affordable devices, with up to four burners in a steel frame that connects to an LPG tank. These boiling tables deliver heat efficiently.  It provides enough flow to heat oil quickly, which is essential when you cook for a big crowd.

These boiling tables are ideal for film catering, outdoor event catering, community and school feeding schemes.  As well as complimentary cooking stations for food trucks, religious gatherings, events and institutional catering. Once you have one, you will quickly become addicted to the power that these boiling tables offer.

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