Hamburgers are a versatile menu option for many occasions and a profitable product line for a fast-food business. However, not being able to make their own hamburger patty is a common problem for foodservice businesses. The important thing is to get the patty, which is the backbone of a burger, just right.

Hamburgers may not be as quintessentially South African as the Gatsby, the Kota or the Bunny chow. Still, it offers the same enhanced eating experience South Africans love, to grab their food unashamedly by the hand and taking an impolite but edifying bite. It also rolls all the things we like to eat – fats, carbs and protein, in a single tasty package.

The biggest disaster that can befall a hamburger is a misshapen patty. It ruins the whole eating experience; from the way you hold the burger to how it tastes. A bulbous patty makes it impossible to place it even with the bun. Distribute the toppings evenly and keep the ratio of ingredients and taste experience even until the very last bite.

Our hamburger patty presses will enable you to include hamburger patties in your menu with uniform size without overhandling the meat and attempt more ambitious recipes such as vegan or gourmet burgers. At Caterwize check out our complete range of meat processing equipment, which can order online, and give us a call if you need help to select the right equipment for your kitchen.