Frying is one of the most popular cooking methods used in commercial kitchens today. After all, who can resist the crunch of crispy chicken or the decadence of a freshly-glazed doughnut? To achieve these culinary delights, you need to have a deep fryer in your catering kitchen, but it can be tricky to choose between an electric or gas fryer. 

You should invest in a gas fryer for your catering business as it is quicker and easier to use. A gas fryer provides faster heating times for your food, can recover better from different temperatures, and often costs much less to run, but some people are wary of using a gas fryer because of the possible risks associated with gas. If you are considering a gas fryer for your catering business, below are some of the benefits. 


Faster Heating Times


One of the major benefits of using a gas fryer for your catering business is that they have much faster heating times. This is because you will not need to wait for any electrical elements to heat up before cooking your food. This will allow you to start cooking as quickly as possible for your event or conference, which will ensure that your clients are happy and fed when they need to be. 


Higher Capacity Options


Many gas fryers have a higher capacity than electric fryers. If you are catering for an event with a large group of people and need to cook a larger volume of food, then a gas fryer is an ideal choice. This will also allow you to cook more food at a quicker rate, as you will be able to cook large batches of food in a quicker time, allowing you to serve as many people as possible. 


Common In Catering Kitchens


Because many catering kitchens or businesses use gas fryers in their establishments, the chances are that your staff might already know how to use them effectively. This familiarity with a gas fryer means that they will know how to cook the food effectively and efficiently. You will still need to train your kitchen staff in safety for gas fryers, but the process will likely be much quicker and your staff will understand more. 


Lower Operational Costs


An important benefit of using a gas fryer for your catering business is that you will have lower operational costs. The fryer will not need to use electricity, which can help to keep your operating costs low. Refilling a gas canister can also be more affordable than monthly electricity bills, but be sure that you refill it with the right gas each time to avoid any possible issues. If you are a smaller catering business, a gas fryer might the ideal solution as it uses no electricity. 


Better Portability


While both gas fryers and electric fryers can be large and difficult to move to and from events, a gas fryer is better in terms of portability as all you will need is a connection to a gas canister or line. If you are using an electric fryer at an event with little electric outlets, you will find it difficult to maintain cooking your delicious deep-fried food. If the venue does not supply gas, then you will likely have to bring along your own equipment. 


Maximum Temperature Ability 


There are some dishes that need to be deep-fried at a very high temperature, meaning that the fryer you are using will need to be able to quickly and easily reach these maximum temperatures. Some electric fryers also might not have a very high maximum temperature, which can be detrimental to your cooking abilities and your ability to satisfy your clients. 


Stay Operational During Loadshedding


Arguably the most important benefit of choosing a gas fryer for your catering business is that you will be able to stay operational during loadshedding or when there is a power outage. Because you do not need access to electricity to operate a gas fryer, you can continue making delicious food for customers even when the power is out, which not only keeps customers satisfied but can also help you to maintain your income even when you cannot turn on the lights (and who doesn’t love dinner by candlelight, anyway?). 


Go For Gas


If you are starting a catering business, or own one and want to cut down your costs, choosing gas fryers might help to achieve your goals. A gas fryer will have a faster heating time, higher capacity options, and is fairly common in many catering kitchens. You will also find they offer lower operational costs and have a better maximum temperature ability. 

Using gas fryers for catering has grown in popularity, and if you would like to reap the benefits of these machines, please do not hesitate to contact Caterwize today to find out about our offerings.