Vacuum packing is a way to reduce the amount of oxygen that surrounds food in order to limit the growth of aerobic bacteria and fungi. This allows food to be stored for much longer. Cereals, nuts, smoked or cured fish and meat can be stored for months, while fresh fish and meat can be stored for a few days longer than normally possible. 

The DZ 400 Vacuum packer in our catalogue contains a hermetically sealed chamber from which all air is pumped before the pouch is sealed thermally. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds. Of course, the more air there is to be expelled, the longer it takes.

The main advantage of this type of sealer is its versatility and usability. It’s just what you need to seal and store soups, stews, marinades and other liquids, as well as meat.

It also drastically eliminates the amount of time it takes to vacuum pack food, which is especially important for meat,  pizzas, juices, and frozen food. 

Storage – Since most of the microorganisms that break down food are located in the air, it makes sense to remove air from the product before sealing when you want to extend the shelf life of the food. 

Sous-vide cooking – a great way to prepare succulent, tender meat. 

Resealing – an ideal way to store leftover food products that are perishable 

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