At Caterwize we are always pumped to provide store owners with the equipment they need to expand their offering and get more feet into the door. One way of doing so is the supply of popcorn machines of different shapes and sizes. 

The first thing to consider when planning to sell popcorn is what size machine to buy. An efficient way to measure popcorn is in serving sizes, and following that, popcorn machines are also size graded on the serving sizes they produce. A popcorn is American as apple pie, popcorn serving sizes per machine is measured in ounces, instead of our more familiar metric system. For easy reference, a single microwave popcorn bag is about 3.5 oz. The 6 oz popcorn machines in our catalogue pops a little more than that every three minutes. A 16 oz machine pops four times that every five minutes. 

A popcorn machine can be located at the entrance to draw in those looking for a quick snack, or close to the deli and bakery for cross-merchandising. The best time to pop popcorn is during peak foot traffic to drive more sales. Don’t let popcorn go to waste by keeping vacuum-sealed bags on hand to keep it fresh. 

Are you ready to expand your stores snacking options, browse our popcorn machines, buy it online or call us for advice and recommendations