Nothing beats the smoky, savoury aroma of grilled food wafting from your restaurant door in drawing in customers. However, when it comes to grilling, many cooks think that you absolutely need charcoal to get the characteristic braai flavour in grilled food. That’s simply not true, as burned charcoal has very few aromatic compounds and cannot impart flavour to the food that is being grilled. The great equalizer between charcoal and gas flame grills is the fact that flavour actually comes from the drippings of the food being cooked, and not wood or coals.

When the oils, sugars and proteins in the drippings hit the heat source, it creates new complex molecules that waft around the food and coat it. This means food grilled on gas is just as delicious as food cooked with charcoal.

Your customers will also love you for considering the environment when you choose gas over charcoal. Did you know that the charcoal that ends up in the bag from suppliers only represents 30% of the wood that is used to create it? The rest of it went up in smoke long before it got close to any food.

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