Deep fryers are the workhorses of commercial kitchens. The deep oil tanks of fryers allow you to cook large quantities of food fast and efficiently. Since commercial deep fryers are also fitted with oil filters, it allows you to reuse oil. This is impractical with other frying equipment such as frying pans. What makes it indispensable in South African commercial kitchens, is the sheer versatility. You can cook anything from fish and chips, chicken strips to vetkoek. However, it’s not always easy to choose what type of deep fryer to get for your business.

To choose the right type of deep fryer you have to take into account the size of your kitchen, stall or food truck, as well as the items on your menu. A gas deep fryer is ideal for stalls, food trucks or businesses in informal settlements where access to electricity is limited. Where electricity is available, it makes sense to buy an electric deep fryer, as electricity is still cheaper than gas in South Africa. Frying with electricity is also more energy-efficient, as the element of an electric fryer is submerged in the oil for immediate heat transfer, while a gas fryer heats up the oil tank, which in turn heats up the oil.

The next consideration may be whether to choose a freestanding or counter top fryer. Countertop fryers are great for small batch items, for example when the fries are the side dish for burgers. Fish and chips joints on the other hand usually serve generous portions of potato chips and require a freestanding deep fryer.

Feel free to take a look at the variety of fryers in our catalogue. You can make a purchase online, or contact us if you need more information about the type of fryer that will suit your business model.