Glass Top Freezers or chest freezers are a winning solution to commercial stores all over the country. Allowing you to store in bulk and save space, chest freezers are simply efficient. With a host of benefits, a glass top freezer is really a solution to many issues that arise in the commercial supermarket world.

Reducing energy consumption is a top priority for these chest freezers. You are also able to slide the lid open, grab what you need without losing too much cold air.  Strolling down a supermarket aisle this is a big issue that often arises as shoppers don’t close them properly.

If you are a store manager or owner, you have definitely encountered these two problems before:

  1. Displaying food items that have irregular shapes that can spill onto the floor if an upright freezer is used.
  2. Merchandising frozen products in the checkout area of the store.

Almost all of our retail clients found that there is only one solution that effectively addresses both these issues – a glass top chest freezer.

Frozen turkeys or frozen vegetable packs that can spill onto a floor present unnecessary safety risks and potentially poor customer experience.

We supply glass top chest freezers to small and medium retailers who need to merchandise frozen products securely without spending an arm and a leg on electricity costs. Our range includes compact chest freezers from 800mm up to island glass top units that exceed two meters.

Another advantage of glass top chest or island freezers is that they are virtually maintenance-free compared to upright or open island freezers. They are less likely to overheat, do not leak fluids and are created for long term use.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your electricity costs or merchandise frozen foods with odd shapes, take a look at our range of glass lid island and chest freezers.