If you are a butcher or operate a meat processing business, you will already be well aware of how essential it is to cut and process meat in a clean area to protect it from contamination. You will also need an equipment supplier that can strike a balance between the stringent hygiene requirements of the industry.  And the need for the low-cost ownership of equipment.

Caterwize supply stainless steel tables for meat processing, manufactured from Grade 430 stainless steel that meets the specifications for hygienic food handling. We have stainless steel work tables with and without splashbacks. The tables with splashbacks are ideal for fitting against walls.  Or to create opposing workstations while preventing spills at the furthest end from the operator. The tables without splashbacks can also be used as temporary workstations or side tables.

All our stainless steel tables are fitted to sturdy frames that do not require permanent fixing. This means the tables can be easily cleaned and food residue removed where they stick to.

The grade 430 stainless steel tables have smooth, corrosion-resistant surfaces that are easy to sanitize. It can also withstand frequent cleaning and harsh conditions.

If you are looking for a supplier to outfit your butchery or meat processing business in accordance with hygienic standards, feel free to give us a call. You can also purchase individual units on our website for nationwide delivery.