With summer slowly approaching South Africa, we see that more and more people just love the taste of a refreshing, chilled, flavoured iced drink. These are of course not easily available in your local neighbourhood and it’s for this said reason why connecting with your community with a chilled flavoured drink is a great business opportunity from the comfort of your own home. Your surrounding community will quickly realise that purchasing an ice cold slush puppy on a hot summer’s day from you instead of running to the nearest local supermarket is by far a safer option, especially when the bulk of your market will be children. So purchase yourself a single, double or triple Slush Machine, all depending on the volumes you would like to produce per day. The trick here is that more barrels produce more flavours and children today simply cannot resist the mix of the different flavours.

Today there are a great number of slush puppy machines available and over the last couple of years their designs have evolved, making them a more convenient appliance to have in your own kitchen. Better known as Slush Puppy and or Slurpee, they are very distinctive in that the ice they make never freezes completely solid, but instead becomes little ice crystals. A Slush Puppy is eaten with a spoon while a Slurpee is consumed through a straw.

Looking at the bigger picture, you could of course consider to rent the units at children’s parties and or at local school events. A Slush puppy at one of these events, again on a hot summer’s day, is an absolute winner. Renting could and should be part of your business model to ensure the machines are producing an income even if they are not on your site. Renting could indeed be another income stream toward your goal in starting up a small business from home.

So, think ahead and plan for the up and coming summer and purchase a slush puppy machine to start your small venture from the comfort of your own home. Link up with your community to create the demand, consider renting the units out at the children’s parties over the summer period. This will provide you are great platform to kick start your venture in the following year.

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