Sausage is a mealtime staple in many South African homes. For meat processors, it provides a really good way to use up trimmings that accumulate when cutting up meat.  If you are thinking about making your own sausages in your retail outlet, we compiled a list of tips to get you going.

Starting out with making sausages in-store?  The layout of your sausage making section is one of the most important things to consider. First of all, you will need a stainless steel table to gather and handle your meat pieces and trimmings prior to grinding. Adjacent to this you will need worktables for basic processing equipment such as your mincer and stuffer.

Within reach but separate from where you hold the meat, organise a separate, dry and cool area to prepare and store dry goods such as casings, spices and containers.

Your sausage filler will be the heart of your operation. The vertical piston stuffers in our catalogue are popular amongst our clients who practice small scale, instore sausage production. They range from 3 to 15kg capacity and are all made with stainless steel bases which makes them durable and rust-resistant.

10 000 years ago Homer described his version of mouthwatering sausages on the grill in his epic poem, The Odyssey: “As when a man beside a great fire has filled a sausage with fat and blood and turns it this way and that and is very eager to get it quickly roasted …” We will be proud to be your butchery equipment provider as you maintain this time-honoured food tradition.