with the latest lockdown rules, we are once again reminded of the ongoing challenges faced by the catering industry. Take-out and delivery options remain the most viable option for people who want an alternative to home cooking for a gastronomical experience. Many areas are still underserved by local kitchens delivering meals in neighborhoods across the country.  There are still a lot of opportunities for those with a passion for catering to get into the action.

Our advice to clients who wish to source catering equipment.  Apply a utilitarian approach that favors speed, accuracy, and efficiency. In this regard, we supply catering kitchens with equipment that can produce large volumes of food at a consistent quality. This can include a stainless steel table for hygienic food preparation, grillers, fryers, and boiling tables. We equipped many of our clients to produce a more authentic food quality than their clients would get in mall food courts.  And create brands that will survive the lockdown in this way. 

Smart food entrepreneurs that want to expand from a single operation to new areas work with CaterWize to replicate their equipment set up in new locations. Our sales and technical staff look forward to supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs.  By providing catering equipment that is flexible, versatile and efficient.