If you are planning to sell meat professionally, you need more than a passion to sell the best meat cuts. Besides attentive customer service and impeccable work ethic,  you also need high-quality butchery equipment. As a butcher, you will be selling whole or quartered animals at wholesale prices and then process them into the cuts that your clients buy, and this requires a unique set of utensils. This includes the following butchery equipment:

Butchery Equipment

Meat Mincer

A meat mincer or grinder is a must-have machine for any butcher. Your customers will look for minced and ground meat to make affordable meals such as frikkadels, burgers, and curry mince vetkoeks.  By using a meat mincer you are preventing the handling of meat, which in turn prevents contamination.  Ensuring you know exactly what is going into your meat, you are able to maintain quality and ingredients. 

Meat Slicer

Cured meats are another favourite of South African meat consumers. With a good cutting machine, you can merchandise cured meats with an assortment of flavours and textures, including inexpensive cuts of meat.  Also known as a deli slicer, you can use a meat slicer to cut through all kinds of meat. Achieving your desired thickness, cut or shaved meat. Easy and ready to serve or package to your clients.

Sausage Filler

Making sausages is a good way of processing meat into high-value products with a longer shelf life. You can even branch out into artisanal sausage making to further increase your profits.  Sausage fillers save time and effort, making the sausage-making process smooth and effective. You can create all kinds of flavoured sausages adding different flavours as you go.  Coming in a range of different sizes, your sausage options are endless!  


A band saw is the ultimate power tool of the butcher. You will need it to cut poultry, ribs, frozen meat, massive bones, and fish, very adaptable for commercial use.  Bone saws are very adaptable for commercial use.  These power saws have an extraordinarily sharp blade, able to slice through the meat as if it were cheese. Coming in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can have a stand-alone band saw or one that rests on your countertop.

Meat Tenderizers

Most people, especially us South Africans love our meat, but we like nice tender meat. With our meat tendrizers you are able to cut meat into tiny pieces. So tiny in fact that the final product may come out looking just like one solid piece of meat.  By tenderising meat, you are allowing for a quicker cooking process, and of course, a lekker tender piece of vleis to eat and enjoy.

Vacuum Machine

Vacuum packing fresh produce is fast become a stable way to keep your ingredients fresh. By eliminating the oxygen surrounding your meat, you are keeping in all the juicy goodness. When using a vacuum machine you are sealing in your produce, while it removes all the extra air. This prevents freezer burn and keeps your produce as fresh as the day you packed it.

Patty Press

As people get lazier and lazier, we rely on more and more ready to eat foods. Serving burgers at your restaurant or takeaway food outlet is a sure fire way to bring in some cash. Speed up your process and keep your hands clean, by using a patty press. By adding your meat to the patty press, you will get a perfectly shaped burger patty every time. Coming in different sizes, you will find one ideal for your business.

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