Ground meat is a very profitable category for meat processors and butchers. Most consumers are familiar with minced beef, in particular the regular, medium, lean and extra-lean  formats. Today, ground beef accounts for most of all beef consumed. During the pandemic, it’s a go to solution for easy to prepare meals and comfort foods.  But what about other ground meat – how can butchers use this technique to produce a sought after product from low value cuts from a variety of sources? 

The popularity of minced beef is related to the variety in styles it is merchandised in. Regular and medium ground beef makes juicy burgers and meatballs, while less fatty cuts, such as sirloin and round steak can be worked into stuffed peppers, cabbage rolls and meatloaf

Ground chicken and turkey is notorious for it’s bland flavour and dryness. If this is an option that your clients may take up due to perceived health benefits, you can try minced products made from legs and thighs. It contains more fat and collagen, making it more flavorful and juicy. 

Except for beef being richer in Iron and Zinc, pork has a better overall nutritional profile and contains  magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, choline while beef beats pork in copper and manganese.  Pork mince can also be added to beef mince for juicer burgers. 

Ground meat is a versatile, wonderful food. This low price food works well as the center of a meal in something like hamburgers as well as a side dish with pasta. At CaterWize we supply meat mincers to help you ensure you are always able to supply this important part of the diet of many families.