Popcorn is one of the most popular snack foods at home, in the office, and even at events. If you would like to make the most of this popping trend as a catering company, you should invest in a commercial popcorn machine. These machines are designed for making copious amounts of fresh, delicious popcorn every time.  And are the ideal addition to an event or as a fun extra in a restaurant. 

Deciding on the best popcorn machine for your catering business can be tricky, especially as there are so many options available. However, when you take some simple considerations into account, you will soon be able to pop perfect popcorn. Whether you are just starting out or if you are already established in the catering business.  The tips below can help you to choose the best popcorn machine for your needs. 

Ease Of Use And Maintenance

One of the first aspects to consider when choosing a popcorn machine is its ease-of-use and the level of maintenance the machine needs. This is important because your employees will need to be able to handle the machine easily and without any hassle. 

A popcorn maker that is simple to maintain will also streamline your cooking and cleaning processes. If you will be using the machine on a daily basis, it is vital to opt for one that you can clean with ease and that will not break or become damaged by regular use. Always refer to the user manual for advice on how to maintain the machine.  This will aid in fixing any issues that may occur. 

How Many People Are You Serving?

This is an important aspect to consider.  Especially if you will be offering a popcorn machine as part of a catering package. Popcorn machines are usually categorised by the amount of popcorn they pop during one cycle. Each cycle can last from three to five minutes, depending on the number of kernels that need to be popped. 

The number of people you will be serving should help you to decide on the size of the popcorn machine you purchase. For example, if you are catering for an event of 30 people, a smaller machine will suffice. If the event will host 50 people or more, you will need to opt for a professional catering popcorn maker.  This will ensure you meet the demands required. 

Is There Built-In Stirring?

The last thing that anyone wants when sitting down to a bowl of popcorn is to eat a burnt or undercooked piece. Many catering popcorn makers have a built-in stirring mechanism which keeps the kernels moving as they pop, ensuring there are no burnt pieces or pieces that are not cooked. 

During an event, providing clients with burnt popcorn or popcorn that is full of uncooked kernels could be disastrous to your reputation. Choosing a machine with a built-in stirred will help you to ensure that the popcorn is cooked perfectly every time. Be sure that you understand exactly how this mechanism works so that you can maintain and fix it whenever necessary. 

Any Additional Extras?

As a catering business owner, having additional extras in your arsenal can help to elevate any event you are hosting. You might find that a popcorn machine comes with a recipe booklet for different flavours of popcorn. Or that there is a built-in butter well for enhancing the buttery flavour of the popcorn. 

Look out for a popcorn maker that is easy to use and maintain.  It should have a built-in stirrer, and make sure it can keep up with the demands of your clients. If you would like help in choosing the best popcorn machine for your catering company, speak to Caterwize today to find out more.