Owning and running a catering company or restaurant is not easy, but it can be highly rewarding. You will spend hours creating the perfect dishes for your clients, and may spend even longer crafting a unique menu for a certain event. All of this takes time, which is why you need catering equipment to help speed up your cooking processes. 

You should invest in a deep fryer in order to help with streamlining cooking processes. Now, you might think that deep-fried food can be decidedly unhealthy, but some studies have shown that frying (and even deep-frying) vegetables can be healthier than boiling them or roasting them. 

The benefits of a deep fryer do not stop at simply providing delicious food, and below are just some of the reasons why your catering business needs a deep fryer. 

Fry Food Faster

More often than not in the restaurant and catering business, you need to get food out fo your kitchen quickly and efficiently. And this cannot be done if you are using a pan to fry food in to order. Frying food on a pan not only takes longer, it can also lead to dry and unpleasant meals, which could be detrimental to your business. 

An electric deep fryer can help you to fry food faster, keeping your clients happy and allowing you to continue to work to the schedule of an event or a busy restaurant. Frying food at a faster rate does not mean that the food is undercooked, in fact, a deep fryer can maintain the richness and moistness of many foods. The food will also not be dry or flavourless. 

Tender End Products

As a caterer, you want to provide your clients with the highest-quality, most delicious food possible. Using a deep fryer for your dishes allows you to maintain this goal and to provide tender and tasty dishes to your clients. This is because deep-fried food retains moisture and does not become dried out. 

Other catering equipment might cause the food to dry out while cooking or may even overcook the food if not handled correctly, but with a gas deep fryer, you can ensure that the food is cooked to perfection and is delicious every time. You will also have more control over the oil temperature, meaning that food will not become burnt and too crispy. 

Lower Electricity Costs

If you decide to invest in a gas deep fryer, you will notice that you are spending less on electricity than before. This will allow you to use these savings for other areas of your catering business, such as buying new and fresh ingredients for events. Lower electricity costs also mean that you are paying less in the long run, even if the initial cost of the deep fryer was high. 

An electric deep fryer is also made to be energy efficient, and because you can fry multiple foods at the same time, you are not using as many stove plates and pans. This will lower your electricity usage and this means that you will also be able to provide services at lower rates, bringing in more business from potential and even return customers. 

The Novelty Factor

As a catering business, you need to stand out from the crowd and provide your clients with food that is unique as well as delicious. Having a deep fryer in your kitchen enables you to offer dishes that no other companies may be offering. You can offer unique dishes that are also novelty-driven, such as deep-fried cupcakes and even deep-fried Oreos. 

A deep fryer can offer your catering business an edge over your competition, as well as several other benefits. If you would like to fry food faster, provide tasty treats for clients, and save on electricity, contact Caterwize today to find out what deep fryers we have on offer.