If you are a caterer or serve buffets, you will find a need for a chafing dish in some capacity. It takes the complication out of keeping an array of dishes warm during a dining experience that can linger for hours. Chafing dishes are handy for outdoor dining, as even a slight breeze can cool down your food in a surprising amount of time. 

It’s a well-worn but true cliche that we eat with our eyes. The stainless steel chafing dishes in our catalogue comes with a shiny chrome finish to lend elegance to your buffet lineup while your guests’ queue to fill their plates. The mirror finish also means you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion that can impact food safety. 

Our chafing dishes form sturdy units that accommodate the food pan, water pan and chafing dish cover. The beveled legs ensure that your chafing dish won’t tip, while the handles provide easy portability. 

A less fun part of catering is the cleaning up afterwards. The rounded corners on these dishes make it easy for guests to scoop up the last morsel while making cleaning a breeze. 

If you are in the market for a chafing dish to keep entrees hot and moist during a banquet or buffet, you cannot go wrong with Caterwize’s double or single burner chafing dishes.