Proofing is a crucial step in creating many baked products. During the proofing process, the dough must expand beyond its original size, achieve the intended porous structure, and develop a delicious end product’s aroma and flavour. Maintaining an environment in which the proofing process delivers the best yield is a challenge for many small to medium bakeries. 

We can thank this challenge for the variety of bread worldwide, such as crusty bread from arid areas and softer bread traditions from areas with higher humidity. Unfortunately, we cannot import other countries weather when we replicate foreign delicacies in our own kitchens, but we can use temperature-controlled proofing to create the same ideal conditions. The right proofing equipment opens a portal to the world, with possibilities ranging from baguettes to pitas, and rotis to pizzas. 

We sell single and double door full height proofing cabinets so that you can create that ideal conditions in your own bakery. Both models feature transparent inserts so that you can view proofing contents without opening and closing the cabinet and spoiling the end product in the process. The design of these cabinets allows them to double as holding cabinets for finished baked products and other hot products such as fried chicken. 

If you want to know more about maintaining the right temperature and humidity to get consistent yields and high-quality baked products, give us a call.