Pancake lovers will know that finding a good pancake maker is no easy task. A very common reason for this has to do with the fact that the market seems to be overflowing with countless models. Pancake is one of the most enjoyable eats around a breakfast table. The ideal mix of sweet and savoury flavours rolled into a round pancake, topped with a syrup, makes it a morning delight. You can serve up your pancake with your favourite nuts or fruits and add the element of healthfulness to it.

Although, it is fairly easy to make pancakes from the comfort of your own kitchen, but we rarely get the same restaurant-style pancakes even if we follow our recipe to the T. So, where do we go wrong, or what are the restaurateur’s doing to make those drool-worthy pancakes that we so enjoy and simply cannot replicate? Here are some advice for you to look out for when purchasing your next pancake maker.

Nonstick coating

The main feature for you to lookout for when purchasing your next pancake maker money can buy is a non-stick coating. The main advantage for looking for a nonstick coated pancake maker is that it can be easily handled without the user worrying about the pancakes getting stuck on the bottom of the pan.


Another key feature that should be considered when looking to purchase cheap pancake maker, is to ask if the chosen model is versatile or not. A great test would be to ask if the device can cook more foods than just pancakes.

Easiness to clean

Lastly, it is very important that the chosen device does not pose problems when it comes to cleaning it. As we all well know, a chore we all want to avoid is cleaning the pancake spills. Making pancakes does involve a lot of dripping and spilling and can result in a total fiasco.

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