Small meat and meat product supply businesses have a lot on their mind. This includes managing a business that focuses almost exclusively on perishable products and getting enough customers into the shop. One of the most demanding tasks when setting up shop or relocating is finding the right location. We compiled a few tips to help you:

Explore places that are close to recreational areas such as parks, lakes, and braai areas. You can also collaborate with the owner of a liquor chill spot to set up a shisa nyama (buy and braai)

Look at easily noticeable locations. Check if you can afford a space on a busy road with lots of foot traffic, or that is close to public transport centers.

Once you have your eye on a location, find out if there is room for your shop. Take stock of the number of businesses that sell meat and meat products. Take note whether they are small businesses or belong to national and retail chains.

To get an idea of potential sales, park outside an exciting butchery in a similar neighbourhood that is close by and count the number of people that go in and out. Check whether some days are busier than others.

Check for opportunities by finding out what products are not currently offered by competitors.

Lastly, join neighbourhood social media groups and talk to as many people in the neighbourhood as possible about what sort of products they would like you to offer and whether trends have caught on in the area,