Catering for a corporate event can be extremely stressful, especially if the client is demanding. The client might change their schedules suddenly, meaning you have to think on your feet when it comes to the menu, but if you have a few core items to choose from, this menu change won’t be too stressful.

You will need the right catering equipment and menu for a successful corporate event. You could look at regional specialities if the guests are from out of town, such as bobotie from Cape Town or bunny chow from KwaZulu-Natal. Seasonal dishes make use of fruits and vegetables that are in season, making them more affordable and more sustainable.

Below we give some helpful advice on the best foods for a corporate event.

Artisanal Desserts

Anyone who attends a corporate event is looking forward to a fun and delicious snack after a speech or presentation, so why not make their day with a few artisanal desserts. You can use catering equipment such as a dough roller and deep fryer for some whacky doughnuts (tonka bean custard filling, anyone?) or you could make miniature cheesecakes with customisable toppings. Make the desserts decadent and different and your clients will keep calling you back for more events.

Make-Your-Own Stations

When it comes to foods like sandwiches and burgers, most people like to customise their own, so you could provide make-you-own stations for an event. Despite the event being more corporate in nature, many of the attendees will enjoy taking a break and having some fun with making their own meal suit their tastes. Offer home-made bread rolls or slices using catering equipment such as a deck oven, and then go wild with the fillings; kewpie mayo with grilled spicy tuna and purple cabbage coleslaw – why not?

Dip Into Deep Frying

Now, deep fried food is known universally for being delicious, but for a corporate event, it does not need to be unhealthy or unappetising. You could use your deep fryer to create tempura vegetables with various sweet and spicy dipping sauces, or offer bite-sized morsels of panko-coated fish and chips parcels for people to snack on. You could offer deep frying to order in case some people are not fans of batter and oil.

Keep It Seasonal

Dishes made with local, seasonal produce are highly popular at both corporate and conventional events. Catering equipment such as electric grillers and stoves are ideal for cooking this produce as they can be used in the venue without any hassle. Choose vegetables that flourish in the current season for fresh salads or decadent roasts and ask local butcheries for meat that is local. Keeping food seasonal also allows you to lower the menu cost, as you will not be sourcing ingredients that are exotic or unavailable. And you will be helping local farmers, too.

Sweet And Satisfying Smoothies

Healthy choices should also be offered at a corporate event, and smoothies are a fantastic, easy option to provide. You can use catering equipment such as a milkshake machine to create delectable, fruit-filled smoothies for attendees. Having something tasty and healthy to drink in between events or speakers can help guests feel fueled and rejuvenated for the rest of the day. You could offer set flavours or allow people to customise their smoothies with different fruits and liquids, for the ultimate healthy drink.

Make Corporate Events Exciting

Arguably one of the highlights of any corporate event is the food. Attendees look forward to taking a break from meetings, speeches, and presentations to refuel and connect with others, so as a caterer, you need to excite them with your food. Catering equipment can be used to create delicious artisanal desserts, creative deep-fried foods, healthy smoothies, and seasonal dishes.

If you are catering for a corporate event and need the right equipment to wow your guests, contact CaterWize today to find out what we can offer you.