Sealing bags is a mundane but necessary task. It allows us to sell everything to everyone, gain our customers’ trust, and save us money by extending our products’ saleable lives. When you buy food, you don’t want it to spill from an open bag or get stale before using it. If you can seal your products correctly, you can tap into the profitable demand for products such as wet and dry spices, pet food and fresh herbs.

What happens to poorly sealed food? It loses nutrients and flavour, spoils fast and can ruin your business’s reputation and chase away existing customers. Heat sealing is one of the safest and most affordable ways to ensure your packages secure. You can check the quality of a seal by checking whether there is any air escaping when you put pressure on the bag. High-quality seals prevent breaks and leaks that cause rapid quality loss of your product.

Impulse heat sealing is an economical sealing solution for small business; we recommend our impulse heat sealer range with a starting price from as little as R749,00. It can seal various bag types, including foil laminated plastic bags and tubes, single and multilayer plastic bags.

Impulse sealers work by sending a pulse of electricity that heats the jaws momentarily once it’s pressed in the closed position—the jaws than holds the welded area together to fuse the seam while it cools completely.

Are you looking for a way to keep your products attractive and fresh for longer? Give us a call to find out more about our range of impulse heat sealers.