Ice cream is more than just food. It’s something that you enjoy with friends, a treat for a child or something to spoil yourself with. It’s magic, the stuff of memories. It is also an excellent business. As we’ve become accustomed to living with caution in a time of the pandemic, while we are waiting for a global rollout of vaccines, the world is moving on. Focusing on pleasant things doesn’t mean we are caring less.

This is exactly what ice cream vendors help people with around the world. To survive, to move on and face another day, another year, we must have some respite. This is human nature. We need to start new memories and look to the future—what better way to do this with ice cream that is synonymous with summer, holidays and happiness.

In 2008 Unilever released research that shows how ice cream makes you happy. When neuroscientists observed people eating vanilla ice cream, they observed an immediate activation of the processing area at the front of the brain.

During this summer, as always, we at Caterwize are supporting ice cream vendors with the equipment they need to produce the many ice creams that will be eaten. Here’s to many more happy memories in 2021 and beyond.