Ice cream is one of the most popular choices amongst young and old on those hot sunny days. It’s no surprise we see or hear more of the ice-cream vendors driving past our homes and or selling the delicious treats on popular beach fronts. So, are you thinking of starting up your own business or sell ice cream as extra income, then here are some tips to get you on off the ground.

Step 1: Know your rights

Approach your local authorities and discuss your business model with them to understand what licence requirements you require. Our advice to you is to start small, thus target your community to generate some extra income which allows you to also manage your expenses.

Step 2: Research

The most important part of your success, is proper research. Timing coupled with great research will be the success of your venture. Know your buyers and what the demand will be, so create a study in your community to kick start your venture.

Step 3: Know your market

From your research you will be able to determine a target audience. Know your market and ensure you cater for the masses. This will also be determined when starting small in and around your community

Step 4: Market yourself

You don’t need much to start, especially when you are targeting your community. The work of mouth advertising is free and a great way to get your name out there. This will bring in your income to invest on a social media page or flyers to broaden your reach in your area.

This is a simple but very effective way to get yourself off the ground for some extra income by selling a very special treat, especially in summer. Summer is here, so this will be a great time to start as there will be a positive demand now.

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