Braaing is South Africa’s national past-time. It is a tradition that brings families together and unites friends around a warming fire and some delicious food. However, there is an age-old debate that can cause extra heat around the grill: the question of gas versus wood braais.


A gas braai is a highly convenient way to grill your meat. At the push of one button, your braai is raring and ready to go. It is ideal for those impromptu times when friends come over on weekend afternoons or you feel like a braai feast after work.

Temperature control

One of the advantages of a gas braai is that it allows you to have accurate and even temperature control at all levels. You can cook a variety of meats and side dishes at a time with little effort. You are also able to cook more, for longer, without having to worry about stoking the coals.


Gas braais are safer in smaller areas due to the fact that there is no open fire, which means no danger of a flare-up. Gas braais are perfect when used in smaller gardens or open patios but should not be used in unventilated rooms.

Load shedding

To even have to mention load shedding is unheard of, but yes, it’s a reality us South Africans need to deal will on a regular basis. A big advantage is that even when the lights are off, you are not left in the dark and a braai is still on the cards. Be that a mid-week or a weekend braai, by a press of a button you are up and running.

Final verdict

If you are looking to have an impromptu braai after work with your family or for yourself, a gas braai is the way to go. You will be able to start it up almost immediately and have perfectly cooked meat in minutes, making for a delicious dinner. Your friends and family are sure to appreciate the effort put into a perfectly braaied steak or tjoppie.

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