Opening a gourmet restaurant is no easy feat, especially with new and exciting options popping up on a near-daily basis. With so many items on your to-do list to keep track of, choosing the right kitchen equipment for your restaurant can seem difficult but with a few simple tips and tricks, you will have the right equipment for creating your decadent dishes. 

When you are looking at kitchen equipment for your gourmet restaurant, you should consider what dishes you will be making and what cooking methods you will be using. You might need an electric deep fryer to create delicious desserts or you might need a deck oven to bake your handmade bread. Not sure where to start choosing gourmet kitchen equipment? We provide some tasty tips. 


Refrigeration Equipment


One of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment that your gourmet restaurant will need is a refrigerator. It is vital for keeping your ingredients fresh and preventing any of them from melting or becoming rotten. A gourmet restaurant might need a different refrigerator than a normal one, depending on the types of ingredients and dishes you need to keep cool. You should look for one which offers optimal temperature control for the more unique ingredients. 


Commercial Grills


Whether you are grilling a fillet steak to perfection or creating thin crepes for a dessert, you will need to have a commercial grill in your gourmet restaurant. This piece of kitchen equipment is vital for cooking successful dishes, with flat-top grills being the best all-rounder option for any restaurant. There are also more specific grills available, such as those designed specifically for making pancakes or sumptuous grilled sandwiches. 


Butchery Equipment


If you are going to be serving meat dishes at your gourmet restaurant, the kitchen equipment that should be at the top of your list is anything to do with cutting, slicing, and tenderising meat. For those who might be making their own sausages, a sausage filler is a vital piece of equipment to have. To create the perfect burger patty to fill your brioche or pretzel bun, you will need to invest in a professional patty press for the ultimate shape, size, and juiciness. 


Ice Machines


What is a gourmet restaurant without a few custom-design drinks and cocktails? You will need to keep these drinks cool and crisp, especially in the South African summers, and this can be done with an ice machine. These machines are able to create a constant flow of ice so it is ready for your staff to use whenever they need to create a cold drink or fill a glass of water. The ice machines should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis so that the ice is always fresh and clean. 


Novelty Machines


Many gourmet restaurants today offer novelty treats and delicacies, such as uniquely flavoured ice creams, quirky popcorn flavours, and over-the-top milkshakes. If you would like to up the ante at your own restaurant, then you will need novelty kitchen equipment to do so. You can conjure up dishes such as roasted black sesame ice cream or salted caramel popcorn using these interesting machines. 


Get Your Gourmet On


When you are creating a gourmet restaurant, you will need to purchase kitchen equipment that is a little different from the norm. Your refrigeration equipment will need to have ample space for all of your unique ingredients, and you should invest in a commercial grill and professional butchery equipment. 

To add some interest to your menu, you can use some novelty machines for a touch of whimsy and intrigue. If you are opening a gourmet restaurant and need professional kitchen equipment, contact Caterwize today for our options