A vacuum pack machine is a wonderful piece of equipment, there to make your life easier. Whether you have a busy restaurant, a butchery, or work from home preparing meals. Vacuum pack machines are super machines with a host of benefits.

When to use a vacuum pack machine

Any food produce that you need to store, from fresh vegetables to meat for an extended period of time will benefit from a vacuum seal machine.   Vacuum machines work by reducing the amount of oxygen that surrounds food. From a health perspective, this limits the bacteria and fungi that often grows on produce over a period of time.

Benefits of a vacuum pack machine

Below are just some of the benefits you can expect when using a vacuum pack machine.  Sealing in the freshness and maintaining the quality of your product is all part of the wonder that is vacuum packing.

  • Stores cured meat and fish for months
  • Fresh vegetables, nuts, cereals and fruit can be stored longer than normal
  • Protects from dust and moisture
  • Excellent barrier against freezer burn
  • Store leftovers to reheat and enjoy
  • Portion control

By extending the shelf life of your perishables you will save time and money. Vacuum packing produce is quick, easy and efficient. Within a matter of second the air around your food is gone. Sealing in all the healthy goodness, ensuring the flavour remains.

Another useful function – You can marinate your meat

As if the few benefits mentioned above are not enough, these machines also help in other areas of preparing food.

The sealing process that occurs when vacuum packing your meat, also improves the waiting time for marinades.  By expelling the air surrounding the meat, you are creating a suction.  This action allows the tasty marinade to reach the meat much faster. Vacuum seal machines are available in different sizes depending on the quantity of produce you wish to seal.

At CaterWize we currently have two different types of vacuum pack machines. Unsure of which one would work best for you and your business, we are here to help.