Waffles in Cape Town have been around for many many years. Originating in Belgium these tasty treats are a firm favourite amongst adults and kids alike.  My oldest memory of my first waffle was sitting at Milky Lane. The topping choices were endless and the warm waffle against the cold ice cream was just made magic.

As the popularity of the waffle grew, so did the adaptation of catering equipment.  Waffles in Cape Town have been a fast growing yummy product for quite some time.

What is a waffle?

A waffle is a flat, fluffy and sweet batter or dough. Cooked between two hot plates – waffle makers are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Mainly recognised for their specific grid-like pattern, waffles should always be crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

Sweet or Savoury Waffles

Traditionally waffles are served warm with vanilla ice-cream or whipped cream. Add on some fresh strawberries and perhaps some syrup and you are ready to tuck in. Nowadays the waffle options are endless. Sweet waffles are very popular, however, savoury waffles are becoming more popular.

Sweet waffles are often served with:

  • Berries or fresh fruit
  • Ice cream or cream
  • Chopped nuts
  • Lemon curd 
  • Different flavoured syrups from chocolate to caramel

Savoury waffles are just as exciting:

  • Fried Eggs
  • Bacon, honey & syrup
  • Cream cheese and salad greens
  • Ham & melted cheese

Waffle Sticks


Waffles have evolved so much that regular shaped waffles are still popular,however new shapes are taking off with a bang. Waffle stick makers are a great way to enjoy a waffle on a stick. Easy, practical and far easier to enjoy while on the move.

Having the perfect recipe with the right waffle maker will help your business be a success.  At CaterWize we have single and double waffle makers available, as well as the famous waffle stick maker.