CaterWize understands the importance to improve the lives of many South Africans by supplying the necessary equipment and tools for start-ups, small business or any other catering need. You may consider to start-up a small mobile slushie business or even extend the product offering you currently have.

A “slush puppie”, as it is commonly known amongst the youth, is an absolute favourite on those warm sunny days at school functions, in malls or when visiting the beach. A Slush puppie is a type of frozen treat made from ice chips mixed into a flavourful syrup. The slush puppie has two major components, namely the base and the flavouring. The base is made from a special syrup that is mixed with water and then frozen. This them creates a mixture resulting in pellets of ice in a sweet liquid which is loved by young and old all over the world.

What you need to know about a Slush Machine

On a warm day, few drinks hit the spot as well as an authentic slush puppie. With your own slush puppie machine, you can make a fresh mix at home for those kiddie parties or start your own mobile slush puppie business. Consider to partner up with a local slush puppie supplier to ensure you distribute the flavours the children and parents have indulged in for so many years. There are a number of flavours to pick from and your creativity here is endless. Syrups to pick from range from strawberry, raspberry, grape, cherry bubblegum, mango and many more.

CaterWize Slush Machines

There are 3 Slush Puppie Machines to select from:

  • Single Barrel Slush Machine – one flavour
  • Double Barrel Slush Machine – two flavours
  • Triple Barrel Slush Machine – three flavours

CaterWize can supply you with the start-up equipment required to get your small business off the ground. If you would like to find our more on how CaterWize can set you up, speak to CaterWize today to find out more about our products and services we can offer you.