Catering for any event can be stressful, but there are some clients who can be very tricky to please: children. A child’s party can be a fun and exciting event for everyone involved, but if you do not have the right catering equipment, it could end up being a disaster. Having everything just right will ensure that your toughest clients yet, and will help them to have a party that goes off without a hitch. 

When you are looking at catering equipment  you should consider the application you will be using them for. For a child’s party, you should not use equipment that has a flame or that could be dangerous, as children are always eager to play and explore new things, including catering equipment. If you are not sure where to start when choosing catering equipment for a child’s party, below we give some top tips. 


Novelty Machines


If there are any pieces of catering equipment that are essential to a child’s party, it is a novelty machine. These can be anything from popcorn machines to ice cream machines, to pancake machines to milkshake mixers. Children enjoy sweet, fun foods and you can create the perfect child’s party by using this equipment, especially if the children are younger. Be sure to keep the equipment out of reach of any young children if it is hot. 


Deep Fryers


Having to cook for a large amount of people, like you will be doing at a children’s party, means that you will need to serve food hot and fast. One of the best pieces of catering equipment for this is a deep fryer, whether it is gas or electric. You are able to quickly make fresh, hot fries for the children to enjoy or even hot dogs or burgers. As a delicious dessert, you could offer deep-fried cookies or doughnuts. Keep the hot oil out of reach of all party-goers and remember to change the oil regularly for added freshness for the food. 


Bountiful Beverage Station


Now, this might not involve too much catering equipment per se, but offering a beverage station at a children’s party is crucial for both the kids and parents alike. If the weather is cooler, include some urns on a table offering delicious hot drinks, but be sure to supervise the pouring of the drinks very carefully. Add a touch of fun and whimsy by having brightly coloured cups for the drinks or themed cups based on the theme of the party. All urns should be refreshed with clean water on a regular basis to ensure the drinks taste as delicious as possible. 


Helpful Hot Dog Grillers


Is there anything better than having a portable snack at a children’s party? Not only do kids not need to worry about using a plate, but they can also walk around and have fun while eating something delicious. Having a hot dog griller allows you to create delectable snacks for both children and parents alike. Customise the hot dogs by topping them with unique sauces and added extras, or set up a table where people can customise their own hot dogs. Toppings like fried onions, spicy relish, herbed mayonnaise, or simple tomato sauce and mustard are sure to please a picky crowd. 


Good Old Gas Braai


Children’s parties often mean that you need to cook bulk food, which a gas braai is ideal for. A gas braai can be used both indoors and outdoors, and allows you to cook a large volume of food quickly and easily. This piece of catering equipment is ideal for any party, but you can use it to create child-friendly dishes such as wors rolls, delicious braaied chicken wings, and even steak rolls. Any South African children’s party would not be complete without a braai. 


Remember To Have Fun


A children’s party is a place filled with fun and excitement, and your catering equipment can help to make this possible. Novelty ice cream and popcorn machines are the perfect additions to any party, and hot dog grillers and gas braais can help to make savoury food fast and easy to cook and serve. Remember to provide ample beverages for whatever weather you might be experiencing. 

If you are searching for the perfect catering equipment for a children’s party, speak to Caterwize today to find out what we can offer you.